mbe areas



Custom is the spearhead of Motor Bike Expo: enthusiasts, companies, and the most important builders on the planet gather in Verona for what has been recognized as the largest custom event in the world. More than 20.000 sqm are dedicated to this sector featuring unique accessories, clothing, and the bike show; craftsmen and artists mingle during three days of celebration in a unique atmosphere which combines “doing business” with the laid-back attitude that characterises this one-of-a-kind event.


Cafe Racer has quickly become an important theme at MBE; we no longer speak of it as a trend, but as a true style. This hall has taken on a living room feel thanks to the motorcycles that are put on display by the best customizers, manufacturers and industry fashion companies.




MBE marks the beginning of the motorcycling calendar and presents an opportunity to get sneak-peaks at new production models thanks to the participation of the largest motorcycle manufacturers.


In January, the world of Racing not only brings technical clothing for the track to Verona, but most importantly the world Champions, Teams, and trophy presentations.




The Touring sector is very important to Motor Bike Expo. Bikes equipped for long journeys are put on display, but the goal is to educate visitors about the region and help inspire riders with ideas on where to go and what to do. Here you’ll find detailed itineraries carefully put together by institutions and specialised tour operators.


The world of off-road is increasingly present at MBE in terms of dedicated space and investments from companies exhibiting new models and product lines which have helped shape the history of Dakar and other large rallies. There’s no shortage here of accessories and clothing for motocross, trial, enduro, and everything that moves on chunky tires.




The unique motorcycles of the past that have left an undeniable mark on the history of motorcycling are displayed here by collectors as a tribute to cultural and stylistic heritage. This is an area where collectors can find special parts, even a special bike, and get one step closer to making their dreams come true. A paradise for passionates!


Scooters have been everything from an easy means of transportation to an iconic status symbol. At Motor Bike Expo, visitors will find big brand names alongside newer companies seeking to enter the market, both with solutions to meet evolving customer needs and demands.