MB Education



MB Education is an informative training showcase specifically for high school students. Thanks to the participation of some of the most important companies in the industry, students have the opportunity to meet the world’s top international riders, engineers, team managers, mechanics, and instructors for a day that will show them what their own futures can look like as professional and passionate motorcyclists.


There are many famous names of those who embraced Motor Bike Education during the first three editions from legendary riders such as Marco Lucchinelli, Alex De Angelis, and Enea Bastianini; major companies including Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Pakelo, Texa, and Tacita; instructors and teachers such as Mr Cossalter and Professor Massari; professional photographers such as Michael Lichter, Luca Braccali, and Laura Scatena; publications including Motociclismo, Riders, and Digitalic. Finally, associations such as AMI (Associazione Motociclisti Incolumi) help to spread road safety awareness with young riders. 



The MB Education numbers confirm that the project has captured the interest of students beginning their motorcycle training. In 2017 there were more than 650 participating students (500 in 2016, 240 in 2015, and 120 in 2014). More than 20 institutes participated in the 2017 edition, bringing with them more than 30 classes from 15 different cities. This positive trend also reflects the increasing attendance at Motor Bike Expo.