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With 160.000 visitors, Motor Bike Expo 2017 confirms increased attendance than in previous years, beginning on the first of the three days and continuing steadily until the closing on Sunday.

The international motorcycle exhibition in Verona reiterated that the passion for two-wheels never ends and that this sector is brought to life with great vitality; it’s also noted that the original formula of the event, which puts its visitors in the spotlight, is increasingly appreciated by the public.

“We’ve done it!” says Francesco Agnoletto, co-organizer of the event, with great satisfaction. “Motor Bike Expo is growing in numbers as well as in quality, confirming our high-level importance. The number of enthusiasts who choose our fair is increasing; our exhibitors are demonstrating confidence and esteem by taking on the challenge to enhance their products which contribute to the overall scene, and this event is preferred by entertainment, culture, and motorcycle industry celebrities. This year, visitors came to see Terrence Hill, Philip Lamantia, Renato Pozzetto, Piero Pelù, and Vittorio Sgarbi, just to name a few – all with a common interest or passion for motorcycles, and many being champions of yesterday or today.”

“The biggest reward at the end of Motor Bike Expo 2017 comes from the satisfaction shown to us by our exhibitors,” said Paola Somma, co-organizer of the event. “Many of which have expressed their gratitude and enthusiasm to the point that as of now they are planning their future investments with us. The companies present were able to do business, build contacts and relationships, and interact with a large international audience, highlighting the show’s role in the world of motorcycling; in a single word: growth. If we the organizers were able to create these opportunities (and the results prove this), then it means that we have done our job well, and we are greatly honoured by this. In particular,” adds Somma, “we are able to concentrate on the highlights of the motorcycling world as not only a passion, but also as a great business opportunity.”