Motor Bike Expo 2022
Learn how to access

In order to better manage lines and crowds at the Veronafiere ticket offices, we invite visitors to purchase their tickets online

Super Green Pass

Entry is granted exclusively to those in possession of the “enhanced” Green Pass, which is obtained either through having the second dose of the vaccine or recovery from Covid-19. Negative Covid swab results will not be required.

Online tickets

In order to best manage crowds at the Exhibition Center Ticket Office, we invite visitors to purchase their ticket online.

Misure anti Covid-19
Misure anti Covid-19
Face mask FFP2 required

The use of FFP2 face masks are required within the fairgrounds.

Social distancing

Social distancing of 1 meter between people is required within the exhibition center.

Misure anti Covid-19
Misure anti Covid-19
Temperature checks

Body temperature will be measured at the entrances to the exhibition center using thermoscanners. Individuals who have a temperature of 37.5° or higher may not enter the event.

Hand sanitizer dispenser

Veronafiere has installed hand sanitizer dispensers and positioned them in all work areas, bathrooms, corridors, common areas, and reception; we invite visitors to use these frequently.

Misure anti Covid-19
Misure anti Covid-19
Additional sanitation personnel

Routine cleaning will be reinforced with additional personnel and will be carried out more frequently, along with additional sanification procedures throughout the exhibition center.

Advanced technology

Over 400 videocameras linked through the same network are able to count the number of visitors inside the pavilions and identify gatherings of people, signaling them in real-time to operators who can then intervene. This system, through the use of facial recognition, can also monitor proper use of face masks. A capillary monitoring of all the Veronafiere exhibition areas with complete respect of privacy.

Misure anti Covid-19
Misure anti Covid-19
3 entrances (1 more than the last edition)

The new “Re Teodorico” entrance will be open and in use in order to reduce entrance/exit crowding.

Regular sanification

A team of sanification personnel regularly clean and disinfect the exhibition center using ozone so that, upon opening to the public, the entire exhibition center may welcome visitors safely.

Misure anti Covid-19
Misure anti Covid-19
Medical personnel

Veronafiere has increased safety and security measures in the areas inside the exhibition center with the presence of a team of specialized doctors and nurses, following specific health protocol approved by the operators who provide the service. In addition, security staff, police authorities, firefighters, and paramedics will be present in the main access areas to the exhibition center.

Useful numbers:

Please refer to the following contact numbers for any needs or questions you may have:

Veronafiere call center for general information 045 8298561
Ministry of Health 1500

Emergency First Aid 118

Toll-free number for information (region of Veneto) 800 462 340

INPS Veneto – Prov. Verona 045 938400

Verona ULSS office number 800 936666

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