Motor Bike Expo 2021 Verona
[ Special Edition ]

MBE 2021

A dynamic, diverse, and exciting event which will provide an unmatched experience for the motorcyclists who will be the real stars.

Demo rides to try out the latest models on the market from the biggest manufacturers, races and riding schools, contests and competitions, and indoor and outdoor exhibitions, all carried out in accordance with anti-Covid regulations.

Let’s get back to riding! Hop on your motorcycle and join us in Verona to reignite the passion for everything on two wheels.

The most important event in the world dedicated to motorcycle personalization is being moved down the calendar. The new dates for the rescheduled MBE 2021 are Friday 18th June to Sunday 20th June, bringing with them a revised format for the event.

A brand new approach is being developed by the Motor Bike Expo organizers, setting the stage for a fully immersive experience at MBE: rumbling engines, moving motorcycles, and even more outdoor activities such as demo rides and competitions.

Motor Bike Expo 2021 Verona
Motor Bike Expo 2021 Verona Italy
Motor Bike Expo 2021 Verona Italy

MBE, in its special edition, will offer test rides of the newest models from top motorcycle, accessory, and apparel manufacturers.

Aside from the products, MBE has always been aware of its role as a meeting point between motorcyclists and the services designed specifically for them, such as tour operators, moto clubs, racetrack initiatives, off-road trips, and everything motorcyclists need.

Motor Bike Expo 2021 Verona Italy
Motor Bike Expo 2021 Verona Italy

“The concern tied to the continuation of cases demonstrated by officials pushes us to delay the return to large public events. Our focus is concentrated on the possibility of start again with a trade fair that works for all parties involved. We want to create this “New MBE 2021” with the contributions from all the important figures in the two-wheel sector, who after MBE 2020 haven’t had the possibility to meet in a professional international setting; this will be the moment to start again, to return and grow together.

Right now we are obligated to continuously monitor the situation – we must make the best decisions to defend our companies and our employees. We work together with one of our partners, such as Veronafiere, which has invested in tools and technologies that enhance the safety standards for the health of our exhibitors and visitors.”

Francesco Agnoletto, MBE Founder and CEO.

“We decided to create a special formula for the event that permits us to set the dates for the end of June for a completely dynamic edition, with even more energy and desire to meet together safely.

Many organizations have done their best to hold virtual events on digital platforms, but the motorcycling world is one made of passion and emotions that only a live experience can deliver; our role will be to be launching pad from which to re-start and re-ignite those emotions.”

Paola Somma, MBE Founder and Marketing & Sales Manager.

Motor Bike Expo 2021 Verona Italy
Motor Bike Expo 2021 Verona Italy

Along with the dates, the format is changing for an event that has successfully become an international point of reference for the two-wheel industry and that strives to maintain this status with this new dynamic setup, taking full advantage of June. MBE is preparing for an edition even further tailored for motorcyclists thanks also to fairer weather and longer days.

One of the key features of this special edition of MBE will be the Demo Rides and the increase in all outdoor activities which will take place around the fairgrounds. Enthusiasts will finally be able to reach the event more comfortably by motorcycle; once they have arrived at the fairgrounds, they will find a parking lot dedicated exclusively to motorcycles – complete with a “cloakroom” for helmets – along with a shipping point which will allow visitors to mail back home any products bought from the stands at the event.

MBE 2021 welcome home bikers