[ Palazzo della Gran Guardia ]
Vernice & Benzina

A place rich with history and charm hosts the Motor Bike Expo gala evening. Every year, the Palazzo della Gran Guardia is the perfect location to meet during the opening evening of the event.

The impressive palace is situated in the most elegant area of the city of Verona: Piazza Bra, the same square as the Arena. The first floor becomes an elegant, world-class exhibition, equipped with a stage, cocktail bar, pop-up exhibitions by our partners, and unique motorcycles.

After the unveiling and presentation of the motorcycles present, the dining hall is opened, where the invited guests can enjoy a rich buffet.


The most influential and relevant personalities in the world of motorcycling participate in Vernice & Benzina; from company heads to riders, team managers, designers, organizers, and all those who represent the excellence of the two-wheel world.

An evening dedicated to relations and the pleasure of sharing an experience in a location where everyone is connected by the passion for motorcycles.


The partners who tie their initiatives to this event enjoy maximum visibility: banners inside and outside the venue, newsletters, sampling, and activities directed towards guests are just a few of the options which can be planned for the occasion.

Brands such as Red Bull, Metzeler, Motul and Virgin Radio have supported Vernice & Benzina with a variety of activities: presentations, cocktail bars, live music, gadgets, company testimonials…


The motorcycles that go on display at Vernice & Benzina are incredible works, dream pieces for enthusiasts, custom creations, the trusted machines of world champions, and bikes that have truly made history.

The event is often used as an elegant platform for the premier of new models and for special projects. These very models will then go on to be presented to the public at Motor Bike Expo.

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[ Guests from past editions ]
Guests present for this special evening in previous years

All of the friends of Motor Bike Expo who came to see us over the years

Cory Ness

[Arlen Ness Enterprise]

Sylvain Berneron

[Holographic Hammer]

Winston Yeh

[Rough Crafts]
Rod Woodruff a MBE 2020

Rod Woodruff

[Buffalo Chip]

Mark Wilsmore

[Ace Cafe London]

Marcus Walz

[Walz Harcore Cycles]

Paul Teutul

[Orange County Choppers]

Kirk Taylor

[Custom Design Studios]

Go Takamine

[Brat Style]

Ola Stenegard

[Indian Motorcycles]

Bob Seger

[Indian Larry Motorcycles]

Nicolai Sclater

[Ornamental Conifer]

Danny Schneider

[Hardnine Choppers]

Roland Sands

[Roland Sands Design]

Chris Richardson

[LA Speed Shop]

Jody Perewitz

[Perewitz Cycle]

Dave Perewitz

[Perewitz Cycle]

Ton Pels


Pete Pearson

[Rocket Bobs]

Cory Ness

[Arlen Ness Enterprises]

Zach Ness

[Arlen Ness Enterprises]

Arlen Ness

[Arlen Ness Enterprises]

Ken Nagai

[Ken’s Factory]

Russell Mitchell

[Exile Cycles]

Fred Krugger

[Krugger Motorcycles]

Fred Kodlin

[Kodlin Motorcycles]

Shinya Kimura

[Chabott Engineering]

Jesse James

[West Coast Choppers]

Cole Foster

[Salinas Boyz]

Ray Drea

[Harley Davidson]

Karen Davidson

[Harley Davidson]

Jeff Decker

[Jeff Decker Studio]

David Borras

[El Solitario]
Brittney Olsen a MBE 2020

Brittney Olsen

Kim and Andreas Bergerforth

Kim and Andreas Bergerforth

Paul Yaffe

Paul Yaffe

Maverick Vinales

[MotoGP Racer]

Andrea Verona

[Enduro Racer]

Michael van der Mark

[Superbike Racer]

Jordi Torres

[Superbike Racer]

Tom Sykes

[Superbike Racer]

Luca Savadori

[Moto E Racer]

Graziano Rossi

[Former World Championship Racer]

Massimo Roccoli

[CIV Racer]

Loris Reggiani

[Former World Championship Racer]

Jonathan Rea

[Superbike Racer]

Michele Pirro

[MotoGP Racer]

Franco Picco

[Africa Eco Race Racer]

Danilo Petrucci

[MotoGP Racer]

Gianluca Nannelli

[Former Superbike Racer]

Marco Melandri

[Moto 3 Racer]

Marco Lucchinelli

[Former World Championship Racer]
Marcellino Lucchi

Marcellino Lucchi

[Former World Championship Racer]

Alex Lowes

[Superbike Racer]

Roberto Locatelli

[Former World Championship Racer]

Yonny Hernández

[Superbike racer]

Noriyuki Haga

[Former Superbike Racer]

Sylvain Guintoli

[Former Superbike Racer]

Fausto Gresini

[Team Principal MotoGP]

Alex Gramigni

[Former World Championship Racer]

Giancarlo Falappa

[Former Superbike Racer]

Ciro De Petri

[Former Dakar Racer]

Alex De Angelis

[Former MotoGP Racer]

Conor Cummins

[Tourist Trophy Racer]

Sandro Cortese

[Superbike Racer]

Paolo Ceci

[Africa Eco Race Racer]

Lucio Cecchinello

[Team Principal MotoGP]

Loris Capirossi

[Former MotoGP Racer]

Luca Cadalora

[Former World Championship Racer]

Nicolò Bulega

[Moto 2 Racer]

Alessandro Botturi

[Africa Eco Race Racer]

Alvaro Bautista

[Superbike Racer]

Elia Bartolini

[CIV Racer]

Tony Arbolino

[Moto 3 Racer]

Nicolò Antonelli

[Moto 3 Racer]

Alex De Angelis

[former MotoGP rider]

Enea Bastianini

[Word Championchip Moto2 rider]

Matteo Viviani


Rocco Siffredi


Vittorio Sgarbi

[Art critic]

DJ Ringo


Renato Pozzetto


Max Pezzali


Piero Pelù


Francesca Pascale


Alba Parietti


Aldo Montano


Cristiano Militello


Guido Meda


Filippo Magnini


Terence Hill


Charlie Gnocchi


Jimmy Ghione


Omar Fantini


Giovanni Di Pillo

Nico Cereghini


Brigitta Bulgari


Cristina Buccino


Alessandro Borghese


Alberto Naska

[Vlogger, Youtuber]


During the four days of Motor Bike Expo, Verona becomes the motorcycle capital, and not only within the fair grounds. All around the city you can discover collateral initiatives, parties and events dedicated to the public as well as private parties, invitational meetings, or simply a club where you can find old friends.

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