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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any doubts? Take a look at the frequently asked questions.

What is Motor Bike Expo?

Motor Bike Expo is an event recognized as the most important and prestigious in the world for customized motorcycles. Over 170.000 visitors meet here in Verona, a number that grows every year and confirms that it’s the beating heart of the international motorcycle scene.

It is a point of reference for the most important brands in the motorcycle industry spanning from Special to Sport, also including the worlds of Off-Road and Touring.

Where will the event be held?

The address for Veronafiere is Viale del Lavoro 8, Verona. To find out how to reach MBE and where to park, visit the page “How to arrive” on our website.

How can I become an exhibitor?

To find out how to be an exhibitor at MBE, visit the “How to be an exhibitor” section; to learn more, fill out the form in the “Contact Us” section with all of the questions you may have. We will be happy to respond to you.

How can I purchase tickets?

During the event days, it is possible to purchase tickets directly from the Veronafiere ticket offices. To purchase pre-sale tickets, you can use either TicketOne or Viva Ticket. To learn about all of the different types of MBE tickets and prices, visit the “Tickets” page.

Where are the Veronafiere ticket offices?

The ticket offices where you can purchase your ticket for Motor Bike Expo can be found at the three entrances to the event: Cangrande, San Zeno, and Re Teodorico.

How can I contact you?

For generic requests, fill out the “Contact Us” form or use our WhatsApp service by sending us a message at this number: +39 3477488114

What is the Privilege Club?

The Privilege Club is the digital pass for accessing all of the benefits and contests at MBE.

Subscribing to the Club is free and easy and guarantees discounts, benefits, advantages, free tickets for the biggest motorcycle events… What are you waiting for? Visit the Privilege Club section of the site and register!

How can I orient myself inside the exhibition center?

There are numerous ways to orient yourself inside the exhibition center.
You can consult “Pole Position”, the official Motor Bike Expo Guide, distributed for free at the entrances of the event and at the “Info Points”.

The most relevant information can be found on the “big tower” totems positioned in the main outdoor walkways of the event, and our Hostesses are available to respond to all visitors’ questions at the Info Points in the galleries.

Where are the Info Points inside the event?

The Info Points can be found in the galleries between halls 2/3, 4/5, 6/7.

Information on disability

Procedures will be applied in accordance with the law. People with disability over 80% may enter the event for free by showing their card and valid ID at the ticket office. Accompanying persons are eligible for the discounted ticket.

What is the price of the ticket for people accompanying someone with disabilities?

Visitors accompanying people with disability over 80% are eligible for the discounted ticket.

Are there ticket offices dedicated to disabled people?

No, there are no ticket offices dedicated exclusively for disabled people.

Is there dedicated parking for disabled people?

Yes, on the fair grounds of Veronafiere there are reserved parking spots for disabled people.

Is it possible to rent wheelchairs for disabled people?

No, this service is not available.

FAQ - Visitors

Is it possible to purchase products from exhibitors at the event?

Yes, it is possible to purchase products on sale at the event.

Furthermore, on the online platform of our partner Bikerlab.com, it is possible to purchase products from MBE exhibitors directly from home.

Is there an ATM inside the exhibition center?

Yes, there is an ATM inside the exhibition center, located in the PALAEXPO, however most exhibitors accept card payments (POS)

Are there rest areas inside the exhibition center?

Yes, you will find a wide range of food & beverage available both inside and outside the halls.

How can I get a ticket coupon?

To obtain a “discount coupon”, follow the stops of the Motor Bike Expo World Tour and participate in events such as the Italian rounds of MotoGP and WSBK, official Harley-Davidson events, and all of the most important rallies.

You can find all of the dates by subscribing to the MBE Privilege Club.

Are dogs allowed in the exhibition center?

Yes, dogs are allowed to enter the exhibition center.

If it is a small dog, it is enough to keep them on a leash, otherwise they must also wear a muzzle.

On what days and at what time do guests arrive?

Every day at Motor Bike Expo it is possible to meet World Champion Riders, international customizers, and VIP motorcycle enthusiasts. You can find the complete schedule in the PROGRAM section.

Is there an area for camper vans?

No, the camper van area is not available to visitors.

Is there an area where I can leave my children?

No, there is no children’s area.

Is it possible to rent a pram for children?

No, this service is not available.

FAQ - Directions

Is there dedicated parking for group busses?

For any information regarding group busses and related parking, please write to urp@comune.verona.it or call +39 045 8077111 to speak directly with Verona city officials.

Where are the parking lots?

The main parking lots are situated around the perimeter of the fair grounds

  • Parking P3: Viale del Lavoro entrance
  • Parking P7: Re Teodorico entrance on Viale dell’Industria
  • Multi-level parking: viale dell’Industria

For more information, please write to urp@comune.verona.it or call +39 045 8077111 to speak directly with Verona city officials.

Where is the closest bus stop to the exhibition center?

The closest stop can be found on Viale del Lavoro right in front of the exhibition center entrance. We recommend that you visit the “PARKING” section of the website to see all of the details.

Is there a shuttle bus from the station and how much does it cost?

Yes, the Shuttle Bus service is free and is scheduled to leave from the Porta Nuova Station approximately every 20 minutes.

For those who would like to reach the exhibition center from the train station on foot, the directions are as follows: Proceed towards Piazza XXV Aprile, turn on to Viale dal Cero which leads into Via Statale 12, proceeding ahead this turns into Via del Piave and, afterwards, Viale del Lavoro.

Is there a shuttle from the main parking lots?

From the parking lots adjacent to the exhibition center, there is no need, given the proximity; however, for the parking lots located further away there is a shuttle bus scheduled. We recommend visiting the “PARKING” section of the website to learn more.

Is there a dedicated entrance for motorcycles?

Yes, the dedicated entrance for motorcycles is “Porta” G (Gate G) on Via Roveggia. For those who arrive here by motorcycle, you will find parking as well as a coat check service where you can leave your helmet and jacket. Both of these services are free.

Is there a coat check?

Yes, at the “Porta G” entrance there is a coat check exclusively reserved for those who arrive at Motor Bike Expo by motorcycle.

FAQ - Tickets

How much does the entry ticket cost?

The entry ticket for MBE 2023 costs 18,00€ exclusively online. For more details, we recommend visiting the tickets page.

Is there a multi-day pass?

There is not multi-day pass planned for MBE 2024. Visit the “tickets” page of our website to find all the details.

Can those with tickets purchased in advance enter the event immediately?

Yes, tickets purchased in advance guarantee a reserved entrance to the event, please carefully read the conditions provided by the ticket distributors, especially regarding the “Print at home” option.

Do those who come with children need to get tickets for them at the ticket offices?

Yes, but only if the child is above the age of 6.

How much does the ticket for children cost?

Children up to 5 years old can enter the event for free.

How many times can I enter the event with my ticket?

The ticket is valid for only one entrance on the day of your visit; you are not allowed to exit and re-enter the event.

Can I purchase tickets at the ticket office for the following day?

Tickets purchased at the Veronafiere ticket office are valid only for the day they on which are purchased. However, by purchasing your ticket online, you will be able to choose what day you wish to attend MBE 2024 at the time of purchase.

Can I purchase tickets for more than one day?

Yes, but only online and on pre-sale. Visit the “Tickets” section to learn about all of the possible solutions.

Do Law Enforcement and Military members receive free entry?

Only on-duty Law Enforcement personnel have the right to free entry.

FAQ - Program, halls, exhibitors

Will outdoor events be held even in the event of bad weather?

Typically all outdoor events are held even when there is bad weather, with the exception of select events.

Are the presentations free to attend?

Most presentation are events which are open to the public, though some presentations are invitation-only.

Exhibitor positions

In order to locate an exhibitor, you may consult “Pole Position”, the official Motor Bike Expo Guide; you may also find the list of exhibitors on the “big tower” totems positioned in the outdoor walkways of the event as well as at the Info Points inside the galleries.

Is there WiFi inside the exhibition center?

Yes, there is free WiFi in the galleries between the exhibition halls. On busy days, the service may not be able to support the high flow of traffic.

Where can I find the exhibitor list?

In order to locate an exhibitor, you may consult “Pole Position”, the official Motor Bike Expo Guide; you may also find the list of exhibitors on the “big tower” totems positioned in the outdoor walkways of the event as well as at the Info Points inside the galleries.

Later there will also be an “Exhibitor List” section on the website where you can find the complete list of all exhibitors present at the event.

Where can I find contact information for the exhibitors?

Contact information for exhibitors is not available; there is only a list of the names listed in the official guide, Pole Position, and in the “Exhibitor List” section on the website.

Is there a printed catalogue?

Yes, all exhibitors are listed inside the official guide “Pole Position”.

When is the exhibitor list published?

The exhibitor list will be published on the first days of January.

FAQ - Workshop

Who can participate?

All Higher Institution and University students and teachers can participate given they have submitted a written request on letterhead from the institution.

When are they?

The MB-Education workshops are held on Friday January 27th.

Who are the presenters?

The presenters are important figures in the motorcycle business: team managers, riders and mechanics from world competitions, but also YouTubers, journalists, Magazine Directors, and Champions from the past. All names will be announced in December!

How can I participate?

To participate, please write an email directly to education@www.motorbikeexpo.it , indicating the name of the Institution and a phone number where the relevant school contact can be reached. We will be happy to guide you step-by-step through the registration process.


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