Children up to 5 years old can enter the event for free.
Children aged 6 to 17 are entitled to a reduced ticket.
Both will be able to pick up their entrance ticket directly at the Veronafiere ticket offices.

Over 65s

People over the age of 65 are allowed a reduced ticket.


People with disabilities between 40% and 79% are entitled to the reduced ticket.
People with disabilities over 80% are entitled to the free ticket.
Accompanying persons with disabilities over 80% (if provided in the legal documentation) will receive the reduced ticket.

Groups and groups

Groups consisting of a minimum of 30 people are eligible for the reduced ticket.

Forces of law and order

All operators of the Italian Law Enforcement Corps (State Police, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, Penitentiary Police and Forestry Corps) will have free access to the district, passing only through the pedestrian gates, by showing their personal identification badges.
Entry will be allowed only to the individual operator holding the identification card. In case they are accompanied by family members, friends or any other person not belonging to the police force, such persons will be politely asked to provide themselves with regular entry tickets.
Excluded from any activity of checking personal identification badges are all law enforcement officers who should enter from pedestrian or driveway entrances in uniform or in cars with the colors of the institution.


Dogs are allowed to enter the Expo. If small, a leash is sufficient, otherwise a muzzle is also required.
FAQ - Tickets

How much does the entry ticket cost?

The entry ticket for MBE 2023 costs 18,00€ exclusively online. For more details, we recommend visiting the tickets page.

Is there a multi-day pass?

There is not multi-day pass planned for MBE 2024. Visit the “tickets” page of our website to find all the details.

Can those with tickets purchased in advance enter the event immediately?

Yes, tickets purchased in advance guarantee a reserved entrance to the event, please carefully read the conditions provided by the ticket distributors, especially regarding the “Print at home” option.

Do those who come with children need to get tickets for them at the ticket offices?

Yes, but only if the child is above the age of 6.

How much does the ticket for children cost?

Children up to 5 years old can enter the event for free.

How many times can I enter the event with my ticket?

The ticket is valid for only one entrance on the day of your visit; you are not allowed to exit and re-enter the event.

Can I purchase tickets at the ticket office for the following day?

Tickets purchased at the Veronafiere ticket office are valid only for the day they on which are purchased. However, by purchasing your ticket online, you will be able to choose what day you wish to attend MBE 2024 at the time of purchase.

Can I purchase tickets for more than one day?

Yes, but only online and on pre-sale. Visit the “Tickets” section to learn about all of the possible solutions.

Do Law Enforcement and Military members receive free entry?

Only on-duty Law Enforcement personnel have the right to free entry.

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