MBE 2023

09 AM – 07 PM
From Friday 27th
to Sunday 29th
January 2023

+ pre-sales services

If motorcycles are your passion,
Motor Bike Expo is your home.
Whatever your style!
With the entry ticket to Motor Bike Expo, you can admire unique motorcycles from all around the world in person which, without MBE, would remain trapped within magazine pages and on motorcycle blogs. Don’t miss the chance to see international unveilings and to meet the very people who are writing the story of motorcycling.
27/29 JANUARY 2023
FAQ - Tickets

How much does the entry ticket cost?

The entry ticket for MBE 2023 costs 18,00€ exclusively online. For more details, we recommend visiting the tickets page.

Is there a multi-day pass?

There is not multi-day pass planned for MBE 2023. Visit the “tickets” page of our website to find all the details.

Can those with tickets purchased in advance enter the event immediately?

Yes, tickets purchased in advance guarantee a reserved entrance to the event, please carefully read the conditions provided by the ticket distributors, especially regarding the “Print at home” option.

Do those who come with children need to get tickets for them at the ticket offices?

Yes, but only if the child is above the age of 6.

How much does the ticket for children cost?

Children up to 5 years old can enter the event for free.

How many times can I enter the event with my ticket?

The ticket is valid for only one entrance on the day of your visit; you are not allowed to exit and re-enter the event.

Can I purchase tickets at the ticket office for the following day?

Tickets purchased at the Veronafiere ticket office are valid only for the day they on which are purchased. However, by purchasing your ticket online, you will be able to choose what day you wish to attend MBE 2023 at the time of purchase.

Can I purchase tickets for more than one day?

Yes, but only online and on pre-sale.
Visit the “Tickets” section to learn about all of the possible solutions.

Do Law Enforcement and Military members receive free entry?

Only on-duty Law Enforcement personnel have the right to free entry.

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